ADDI Accessories

ADDI Cable Stitch Stopper ADDI Cable Stitch Stopper Outstanding customer feedback led us to develop this practical helper. When clicked onto the addi cord, it prevents the knitted piece from sliding down on the circular knitting needle. You no longer have to bother with pushing it back up - just keep on knitting. The set includes two pieces each of the three sizes - which fit with the original addi cords.
ADDI Electronic Row Counter ADDI Electronic Row Counter A great addition to the practical addi accessories. Our handy new row counter makes it easier for you to count all those rows. Simply slip it onto your finger, start knitting, and click for each row - the electronic display reliably shows you the number of finished rows for even more fun with beautiful patterns.
ADDI Heart Stoppers ADDI Heart Stoppers You can simply 'park' your knitting on an Addi cord using the heart stopper.
ADDI Lint Remover ADDI Lint Remover ADDI Electric textile razor that removes fuzz from wool and other materials. Batteries not included
ADDI Love Stitch Marker ADDI Love Stitch Marker addi has worked meticulously with lots of love. Our new, original addi heart makes knitting easier for you. The little red hearts clearly mark your pattern in the knitting piece. Each package contains 6 hearts. A tinkering idea from addi. The addi Love stitch markers are manufactured near our company headquarters - naturally “Made in
ADDI Magical Markers ADDI Magical Markers 6 easy to use, brass plated stitch markers, labeled from A - F. Designed by Cat Bordhi.
ADDI Needle Huggers ADDI Needle Huggers A box of 8 needle huggers to hold double pointed needles together and keep stitches on the needles.
ADDI Stitch and Row Counter ADDI Stitch and Row Counter Count Rows and stitches and even measure the size of your needles with this nifty square.
ADDI Stitch Holder ADDI Stitch Holder A pack of 2 Large safety Pin stitch holders. These do not come undone while you are knitting.
ADDI Turbo Carry Case ADDI Turbo Carry Case Keeps order of your circular needles for 10 - 20 needles
ADDI Turbo Click Pouch ADDI Turbo Click Pouch If you bought one of the first Click systems, you can now transfer that into the new pouch.